The greatest limitations you have are the ones you place on yourself...

Live life on a need-to-know basis,
abandoning regret about the past or concern for the future.
All suffering results from resistance to the vicissitudes of life.
Salvation comes from surrendering to everything exactly as it is.

The articles in this website will help you find harmony in your life so that you can be a powerful positive force in the world.

Within me is my true self, and my true self is both good and beautiful, and therefore, I am both good and beautiful.

My life can touch others in a positive way and this gives me the power to change the world. I can change the world.

I have the power to love myself and to love others. I can be a positive force in the universe.

The information on this website will help you unlock that power.

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What do the cards mean?

Perhaps one of the greatest questions mankind has ever asked is “Why am I here, what is my purpose?” The answer to this question seems so far from our grasp, but in reality, it is right before you. Since the universe has no beginning and has no end, than the creation of the universe must also have no beginning and end and therefore must be continuing at this very moment. Your purpose in life, as well as everyone’s purpose, is to participate in the continuing creation of the universe through the performance of right actions. Right actions can be performed by turning your mind inward and connecting to your higher consciousness and to your soul, which in turn allows you to connect to the universal consciousness - to G-d. When you turn your mind inward and connect with your higher consciousness you can become a powerful positive force that shapes the universe in its continuing evolution. This website, based on the science of Yoga, will help you learn how to turn your mind inward, to connect to your higher self, and to learn how to participate in the continuing creation of the universe in a positive way.


I have included an article on negative patterns in my RestoringPrana website with additional information at http://www.restoringprana.com/Patterns.html


Answers To Your Questions

As I am often asked for advice, I decided that I would share some of these questions and the answers that I gave. The answers discusses a wide range of topics including dealing with other people, going to college, dealing with negative emotions from others, etc.



How to Use Scripts to Change your Patterns

The article on patterns is one of the most important in the web site because it teaches you the power of scripts - the messages that you think to yourself and say to others. The three sentences above are examples of positive scripts that can create powerful change within you.

When you respond to a particular situation with a specific action you are using a pattern. Patterns can result in either good actions or bad actions. Learning how the mind uses and creates patterns will help you gain control over them. Scripts are used to create our patterns and also are used to create our conscious actions. Learning how to create positive scripts will allow you to erase negative patterns. Positive scripts will also change the way you feel about yourself and will change how you make others feel. Scripts are the key to a good self image and to creating positive change.

Patterns Based On Your Interactions with Others

Patterns II

The second article on patterns talks about the patterns of behavior that we have that are associated with the people we interact with. These patterns are very important, as most of our emotions and feelings come from the patterns associated with our interaction with other people. This article builds on the ideas presented in the first article and shows you how to gain control of you emotions, your actions towards others, and how to free yourself from negative patterns associated with interacting with others.

Purusha, Atman, Klesas, and Kosas

This article discusses some of the fundamental concepts, and some of the most confusing concepts, of the Philosophy of Yoga. Most of the discussion comes from Patanjali's Yoga sutras. What is the Purusha, the soul? What is the physical mind? How is the Atman and the Purusha different? What are the Kosas and how do they relate to our spiritual development? All of the questions, and many more, are answered in this article.

Yama - Moral Codes

The Yama are the basic moral codes, the rules of social conduct, as defined in the Yoga Philosophy. The yamas create individual, social, universal change and can therefore be considered the universal great vows.They provide an excellent framework to discuss some of the most important topics related to how you should live your life.

Aparigraha - Aparigraha is the concept of non-possessiveness, non-hoarding. It is the principle where the idea of not becoming attached to material objects comes from. In this article we talk about what importance should material objects have in our life, what happens to us when begin to hoard, to become to focused on material objects, and the affect material objects can have on our lives.

Ahimsa - Ahimsa is probably one of the most familiar of the Yama. This article discusses the importance of non-violence in our actions, in our words and in our thoughts. A detailed discussion of the effect of words is given.

Niyama - Ethical Codes

The Niyama are the ethical codes, the rules of behavior as defined in the Yoga Philosophy. Niyamas can be considered as individual observances that indirectly influence the universe. They provide an excellent framework for discussing important topics that can impact our lives.

Samtosha - Samtosha teaches us that we should have contentment in life. This article discusses how we can have contentment in our life even when our life is having difficulties.

Past, Present, Future

Our view of the present, past and future has a very large affect on our life. Understanding how we perceive the present and how we can influence the future can greatly change our life. The past is only briefly mentioned in the articles as the past cannot be changed and so little can be said about it.

The Present - This article, the first in this two part series, gives a detailed discussion of how the mind perceives the present. Once this is explained, the article continues on to explain how the mind uses patterns to determine what our actions are. Understanding patterns helps us understand how to change the negative patterns in our lives, as well as giving us insight into how the conscious mind words and the importance of activities such as meditation and Yoga Asana (postures).

The Future - This article, the second in the series, discusses the different affects we can have on the near and far future and how you can attract a better future into your life.

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